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Le Moulin de la Brée



Site undergoing work – reopening in 2023

Le Moulin de la Brée is one of the last windmills on Oléron to have conserved its original mechanism. The restoration of this iconic savoir-faire is taking place 100 years from when it stopped production.

Route du Moulin 17840 La Brée-les-Bains

From grain to flour and from flour to bread!

Le Moulin de la Brée is in the north of Oléron, in the commune of La Brée-les-Bains and was first mentioned in a map of 1686; it was in operation until 1920.

This tower-mill was initially fitted with fabric sails but they were replaced in the 19th century with sliding wooden planks (Berton system). The mill has the unusual feature of two pairs of millstones and is still equipped with most of its original mechanism.

The mill was bought by the local authorities in 2012 and is in the course of restoration to highlight the process of grain to flour to bread.